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About Us

We believe we are one of the best web development agencies out there. We ensure absolute satisfaction for each & everyone of our clients.

What Drives Us

We are driven by innovation and passion, we are guided by human behavior and research, we are powered by technology and industry trends and we are successful because we care. Its that simple!!

Who We Are

We are a team of highly motivated, hugely experienced and uncompromisingly reliable digital and creative professionals. WP Web Stars is a web development and web solutions agency with a twist. We are pushing the boundaries for our clients and changing the way their brands connect with their audiences in this fast moving digital world.

What We Do

No matter where your business is, what is does or which industry it operates in, a strong web presence will help it grow. We make it our mission to provide each and every one of our clients with a web presence that is creative, innovative, cutting edge and positioned perfectly in their operating space to achieve the best results possible.

Why Use Us

We are a reliable and professional brand partner because we care.  Customer and site visitor satisfaction is in the forefront of our thinking at all times, after all the websites we produce are a not only a reflection of our clients, they are also a reflection of us.

We are not selling promises, we only sell results. If we don’t deliver at every stage of the process for you then we will not take your money. This is a two way street, we deliver, you are happy then we get paid. That’s how we like to operate.

Nick Chapman
Business Development & Designer

Nick is a highly qualified and highly motivated individual. He has won an Outstanding Achievement award in Art & Design and has been presented with an Innovation in Business award for his work. He has a vast background in business and design and can manage your projects right through to completion with ease. You will not be placed under any undue pressure when Nick is on your project as he goes above and beyond to ensure the you have the very best experience when working with WP Web Stars.

Untitled design (21)
Strong Bear
Content & Copy Writer

For 25 years Strong Bears passion has been creating new things - art, designs, stories, websites. He has helped many businesses get noticed online, small and large, and has been instrumental in developing their web content. He can take difficult concepts and explain them in an easy-to-understand way, suitable for almost any audience. In addition to online content, he has written for magazines and newspapers, as well as writing several novels, and achieving bestseller status with one of his books.

Brendan Duncan
SEO Specialist

Brendan has been working in the online space for close to a decade. He started his journey in the early 2000s building websites, taking coding courses and running successful e-commerce stores. He also has accreditations in Digital Marketing and Content Marketing as well as accumulating skills and experience in other digital fields. His main area of focus and prevalent skill sets however, are in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He is proficient in both On-site and Off-site Search Engine Optimization. Whatever your business and whatever your website is for, we’re confident that we can find a tailored solution to get your site to rank highly for all your most valuable keywords.

Virendra Singh
Head of Web Devlopment

They really don’t come more competent, reliable and skilled than Virendra, he is an awesome addition to any team. He is our head of web development and a coding wizard. He manages our team of industry experts who help to convert our designs into high-performance, functional platforms. They fixe any bugs or theme errors for our clients and manage all integrations and payment gateways and between them, they are skilled in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, migration of plugins and themes, WordPress Theme Development, Website Migration, Website Speed Optimization, Database Optimisation, Custom coding, Responsive Design, Hosting issues, DNS, Cpanel, Security and more.

Stephen Burt
IT & Systems Manager

Steve is a highly motivated and skilled IT Manager for WP Web Stars, He is responsible for the coordination of cross-functional technical teams and platforms in the design and implementation of state of the art web-based solutions for our diverse client portfolio. He is very passionate about all aspects of digital and online business. He has excellent interpersonal skills and superbly manages his roles and responsibilities with care and precision and ensures we never miss a deadline. Working with Steve is always a great experience as he really does care about the client experience and fully adheres to the level of service and core values of WP Web Stars.

Let’s Make Magic.

Allow our excellent team to take control of your project and with your feed back and design brief, create something truly magical.

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