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Marketing With Matt Logo

WP Web StarsMarketing With Matt Logo

Marketing With Matt Logo


The Brief

Matthew had a basic website and a poorly designed logo and wanted to redesign both his website and his logo to give off a more professional feel and to support his services expansion. Matthew also wanted a great looking and professional website that would appeal to any new potential customers once they arrived at the site. He wanted it to be quirky with a fun but at the same time very professional feel.

Our Approach

We kicked off the project as we always do with extensive research into the current industry trends, Matthews target market and his main competitors. We gathered information to see what his competitors were doing, what was working well for them and any opportunities that we could exploit to get Marketing With Matt the very best results.

With the information we gathered from Matthews design brief and during our strategy session we devised a strategy that we all felt was ideal for the project. We built out the website framework with the focus on the key business objectives that were identified when discussing and planning everything with Matthew. These key objectives were to increase the number of new enquiries coming from the website, showcase the diversity of his service offerings and provide answers to common questions to free up time.

We took a structured approach on this occasion and created a website with relevant content to deliver a simple to navigate and clear and concise cor prate message.

The website has a fun side to the design but is very structured at the same time. It offers any visitors all the information they needed to enable them to make a purchasing decision and contact Matthew with ease. We enabled responsiveness on both desktop and mobile devices so it’s always easy for the visitors to find what they are looking for. Other elements on the site were created to convey Marketing With Matt’s extensive services effectively and help build trust.

The overall website design was clean, fun and bold and with a style that compliments the Marketing With Matt brand.

Client Feedback

Here’s what Matthew had to say about his new logo and website:

Hey folks,, I want to show some love to the amazing talents of WP Web Stars. I told them, “Hey, let’s talk and do some bidness” (Yes I spelled it wrong on purpose.). I’ve built websites before but HOLY CATS man, this is eons beyond the little talent my goofy butt has. I am definitely going to use my new website to tell people how WP Web Stars can make them stand out too.

Nothing but the best for WP Web Stars, and I hope this will encourage people to hook their current and future clients with your kick ass service. You are THE GUYS! You’ve actually become a good friends after working with you. Both of our business are going to blow up and I look forward to it.

– Matthew Pape


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Nick Chapman

I am premium web developer and a Google Certified and very well qualified and experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated long term history of working in the Construction, Health & Fitness and the Combat Sports industries.

January 4, 2020