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Why Would You Need A Website Care Plan?

Why Would You Need A Website Care Plan?

Managed website care and maintenance is vital to keeping your site performing as it should. Many people don’t seem to realize the importance of maintaining their websites and the many benefits a good care plan can offer. Having a good care plan in place and utilizing the skills and efficiency of decent and reliable web developer to update and maintain your site is something you should not only seriously consider, but should DO!

What Happens If You Don’t Maintain Your Site

You wouldn’t leave your shop front or place of business without any form of general care or maintenance would you? If you did then your customers experience would deteriorate dramatically over time as things started to malfunction and stop working and mes began to accumulate.  Well your website is no different, without the correct software updates and maintenance, your site grows old and untidy and all kinds of problems start to occur. In this instance you could consider yourself lucky if you catch it in time before a customer experiences it first. Links get broken, images disappear, content gets old, and your rankings drop fast in the search engine results and you’re left wondering why?

These are just some of the problems that can arise if you don’t have a suitable care plan in place and they will continue to creep in. The purpose of a good managed website care plan is to ensure your site is always live, ready for your customers, answering questions, generating revenue and presenting your business in way that builds trust with your target market.

Our Solution

At WP Web Stars we take great care of all of our clients websites. We take daily back ups and store them remotely to ensure you never lose any important content or up dates. We can literally rewind the clock to any point in time ans restore your site to its former glory if any issues arise in just one simple click of a button. We set regular maintenance schedules to check the entire website and its software for updates and we initiate them as soon as we have assess

“Just like your shop or place of business, it costs more to fix it than it does to maintain it. Look at regular maintenance and care plans as a cost effective insurance policy and way of saving time and stress. A little bit of tender loving care goes a long way in every aspect of life and your website is no different
ed that they are safe to to do so. Sometime software and plugin updates can cause the site to malfunction, do not worry, we keep a very close eye on this and we will check for these bugs in a staging site before we go live on your main site so there’s no down time or adverse user experiences. We will always report back with any conflicts or bugs that we come across and keep you fully informed.

Would You Save Money Doing It Yourself?

Some people believe that they can save money managing the updates and maintenance of their website themselves, this is rarely the case. Maintaining and managing a website costs a lot more and involves a great deal more effort than you may think. We do this day in day out and have access to resources and current information that you wont have and could spend hours if not days trying to obtain. We update our client’s sites bi weekly and devote our time more efficiently by checking their website thoroughly on the 15th and the 30th of every month. Also included on our monthly care plans are performance and security scans and reports that show you what we have fixed, resolved and protected your site from. If in the event we ever identify a potential issue or threat, we instantly raise it as a support ticket and we address it before you, your visitors ever knows there could have been a problem. Every thing we do during the care plan process is about additional quality control and easing the strain on our clients..

If you don’t have a web site care plan, you may actually be throwing money out the window by not providing proper maintenance to your site and having hefty repair bills at a later date. When you go to a web site and find things wrong with it do you stick around? No you don’t, you move on to a working site and most likely will never return. When you go to a web site and your anti virus software tells you the site has a virus and is trying to obtain your personal data, do you stick around? Absolutely  not, you move on to a site you can trust and you will never return. Your site is at serious risk of having these same issues and more if not maintained correctly and you’re losing potential customers without even knowing it.

It Costs More to Fix It Than to Maintain It

Inexperience and neglect can damage the safety, appearance and functionality of your web site. When that happens, and it inevitably will, you have a choice to make. Do you leave it and let it get worse? Try to fix it yourself, in which case you may do further damage and will certainly have to invest time and money into researching the problem and purchasing the tools and software necessary to fix the issue. Or you could then pay someone experienced to fix it for you but at a hefty cost because considerable diagnostics and time will be required. Remember it costs more to fix it than it does to maintain it. Regular care and maintenance helps keeps your web site running properly.

Our Experience Can Save You Money

Your business is yours – you know what’s best for it and you know how to get things done in the most cost effective and time efficient way. Why? because that’s what you do and that’s what you’re good at. One of our jobs is to help you do what’s best for your website which reflects strongly on your business. You know your product, we know ours. Why not deal with what you know best and let us deal with what we know best? Would you try to fight a court case without a lawyer? Would you try to treat a serious health condition without professional medical care? I’m guessing not and you would be unwise to do so. Then why try to maintain your own web site if you’re not a professional web designer?

By securing an experienced designer to update and maintain your site properly you are actually saving money in lost sales and lost visitors. You’ve no doubt heard the old cliche “speculate to accumulate” this is true when it comes to your web site. Your goal is to impress your visitors, get them to come back and if you have products to make a purchase, you want them to trust you and to buy from you. Well, you can either keep your site updated and properly maintained and achieve just that or you can simply watch you business go directly to your competitors.

Don’t Let The Competition Pass You By

If you’re interested in securing a care plan for your web site, contact us to learn how you can have a professional web designer keep your site in proper working order. It’s really not as expensive as you may think either. See our care plans HERE!

Nick Chapman

I am premium web developer and a Google Certified and very well qualified and experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated long term history of working in the Construction, Health & Fitness and the Combat Sports industries.

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